Athens Center, 2013
George Messaritakis
Concrete Works
Dionysis Katsenos
Αθήνα, Κέντρο, 2013
Γιώργος Μεσσαριτάκης
Διονύσης Κάτσενος

The preparation of the food becomes a choreography open to the public in this open kitchen street food restaurant. The plan is free of walls and dividers while the only separation between the dining area and the kitchen is a heavy concrete counter which functions as a seating bar, then becomes the cashier’s counter and consecutively the food display. The design and material choice reflects the chef’s philosophy whose elaborate dishes use only a few simple ingredients mixed in a variety of creative ways. Likewise the space is comprised custom made furniture and structures that use only 3 material ingredients: concrete, metal and wood. The three of them change form while they reveal their multifaceted innate beauty. The metal in the form of the sheet becomes the floor while when used differently it becomes the table base and the kitchen equipment. The concrete when casted becomes heavy and creates the counter, while on the columns it is applied as a thin layer which is then brushed to create thin horizontal lines. When mixed with color and resin it creates colorfully textured wall finishes.


Domes Awards
Βραβεία Δομές